Thursday, 23 October 2008

Preliminary Contents Page

For a school contents page, my contents page seems ok but i would have wished to improve it. I once again used the colours of the school which are yellow and blue. I tilted my pictures this was breaking the traditional layout and make it better to look at than it being plain and boring. I put shadow around the pictures to make them stand out to the audience.
I labelled the pictures wif page numbers for references, this was for the puplic benefit because if they saw a story they really wanted to read quickly, it would be quick and easy to find it.
My contents page is quite plain, in the real work i will make both my front cover and contents page a lot better by making it more lively and interesting. In the real work i will use more pictures and more text to make my magazine more full and fasinating, this will engage the reader and give them more to read about. By seeing my front cover and contents page like this, i will improve my real one alot more.

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