Thursday, 23 October 2008

what I am goin to do ...

I intend to make a magazine based on music. I like pop music and have decided to create a pop magazine. I like the cover of smash hits magazine as it stands out and the colour schemes are simple. It is aimed at a female audience as a good looking male is presented on the front cover and it quotes " Mmm saucy, everything you wanted to know about Ben". In magazines Different fonts are used on the front cover of this, this is following common conventions of a typical magazine.The front cover is quite crowded, this indicates that there are lots of things inside.
The use of candid images and studio images are used. Studio images are are posed pictures, where as candid images are nice, relaxed snapshots. An example of a studio image would be the image of Ben, this also appeals to girls, studio images are looking out towards the audience so this appeals to them. The barcode on the magazine can be put anywhere aslong as its not over another image.
Teen age girls are the main audience if this magazine because of the celebrities used, such as Gareth Gates, Ben and Lee from blue and the content. By using shadow on the pictures, gives a dynamic effect, this gives the images depth and makes them stand out and look lively. The writing also has a shadow on it this makes it stand out.

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