Thursday, 3 December 2009

Analysis of Posters

I have analysed some posters in order to find the common conventions of horror posters for when I create my own.

Last house on the left

Two main colours are used on the poster which is red and white this is a common convention when it comes to posters. It looks like house has been written with blood as it gives an effect that it has been smudge across. There is a dark gloomy background putting most of the focus on the house as there is light behind the house, this may draw the audience in. There is a rhetorical question underneath the actual title of the film "if bad people hurt someone you love how far would you go to hurt them back?" this is another way in drawing the audience in and attracting their attention. As you will notice on the title it looks as if someone has sliced through it, this may represent something that might happen in the film.

The Orphanage

Around the woman in the poster, it looks dark and gloomy whereas she stands out possibly showing she may be the main character in the film. The facial expression the woman has gives off a creepy atmosphere which may build up suspense to the audience. The children in the background, are faded as if they are ghosts, this may show part of the story and also show it is a horror film. The title "Orphanage" stands out as it is gold and looks as though it its meant to be old fasioned writing. This may represnt the film.