Thursday, 20 November 2008

Magazine Analysis

I analysed magzines to show certain conventions i will include in my own.

The first magazine i have chosen to analyse is vixen (vibe).
Vixen appears to be sexy and foxy. As you can see, the magazine is colour coded, there is a purple background and she has purple in her hair.They have used an attractive female to appear to a female audience to buy the magazine, such as Naomi Wolf (1990) using erotic images of women to sell products to women. There is only one picture of a model used because if there was more than one it would look unattractive and cramped, having just the text makes it look professional. The pose used is sexual, as her mouth is half open, has her hand on her hip, she is sticking her hip out and she is dressed quite revealing. Three different fonts are used which is a common convention on magazines, and there are three different colour texts used and they are bright and stand out. The price, date and bar code are out of the ways and are put to one side, so it doesnt detract attention from the rest of the magazine cover. There is also a website provided to give extra information about the magazine. There seems to be a hook to buy the magazine "win a free trip to paradise" this will make the audience want to buy it, this is a common convention with magazines. The colours dont clash together and they are lush stereotypical colours. The title used are bold and stand out. The audience for this magazine would mainly be women due to the stereotypical colours used which mainly stand out to women and buy using an erotic image makes it more likely for a female audience to buy the magazine.

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