Thursday, 23 October 2008

Preliminary Work

I created a magazine for the Heworth Grange Comprehensive School, However i would like to have had more time to improve my magazine. The model i used is looking out into the audience, this appeals to the audience, and i also used the school colours. The yellow border i used across the top of the magazine cover is a common convention of magazines which contains writing about what is inside my magazine. By using bright colours, this will appear to my audience. My magazine contains information that the pupils of heworth grange would like to read and what they would be interested in. I used shadow around the star that contains "free" this makes it stand out to the reader.I used different fonts on the front of my magazine to make it look more lively instead of it being all the same and boring. I tilted a few things on the cover to break the conventional layout. The biggest story stands out more as the main model ois on the front cover and the tet for the main story is bold and has shadow on it to make is stand out from the page. I put boxes around the text and a picture to also make it stand out to the audience.

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