Monday, 23 November 2009

Analysis of Film Magazines

I have analysed a few magazine covers in order to get ideas for my own magazine cover I will be creating for my film trailer.

This is a magazine cover of Premiere. As you can see it has coventions of a magazine cover. It contains the date, issue and price which is common in magazines. The title (Premiere) is bold and stands out. There are three different colours used in magazines (in this case there is red, black and white) this is also another convention of magazines. Different fonts are also used on the cover, this is once again a convention with magazines. On the cover there is an attractive, well known actor which will make the audience want to buy the magazine as it will appeal to them. The colour red may be used because, the actor starred in a vampire movie (Twilight) and the colour red may represent the blood and danger. The main story stands out the most on the cover, however smaller stories are shown on the cover as well, for example Iron man 2. Its also as if the actor is looking out into the audience. As you can see the title is over the models head, quite often the head is over the title, so this magazine is a bit different.

This is another cover by Premiere. Once again it has three different colours used (black, yellow and white) this is convention used in magazines and it uses different fonts. Will Ferrell is used on the cover of this magazine, he is a recognised actor and would appeal to the audience making them buy the magazine. The pose he is pulling is meant to be quite comical, this may reflect on the film that he is currently advertising on the magazine. Other stories are featured on the cover of the magazine for example '12 sundance films you'll need to see this year' this may appeal more to the audience as the main story might not attract their attention. On one side of the cover, it mentions many famous actors and actresses (Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Orlando Bloom and Tom Cruise) this might make the audience feel like they need to buy the magazine as they may be familiar with the celebrities. With '& many more' stated on the cover, it may encourage the audience to buy a copy as they will be wanting to know what else is inside the magazine. The issue and date is also on the cover.

This is another magazine cover by Premiere. Once again a recognisable actor is used on the cover to make it appeal to the audience. The date and issue is provided along side the title. Like the other magazine covers, three different colours are used, this is a common convention in magazines and more than one style of font is used. The main story (Spiderman 3) is the biggest on the cover, however, there are more stories too such as: Oscar Bonus, 10 best movies of the year and when stars collide. This will draw the audience in even more. Once again, famous names are mentioned such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Kate Winslet, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jennifer Hudson. Eddie Murphy, Jack Nicholson and Ben Affleck. The date and issue of the magazine are stated near the name of the magazine and the bar code is in the bottom corner of the cover so it doesn't draw attention away from the rest of the cover, this is another convention in magazines.