Thursday, 8 October 2009

Review of 'Your film'

'Your film' is a northern media company that had given us some production idea's.
  • Pre-production: Idea's, concepts, script, storyboards, planning, permissiopn, casting, crew, reasearch and location.
  • Production: filming, sound, the brief, keep the faith, stick to the plan, believe in the idea and get what you needed.
  • Post-production: video capture, logging, video editing sound design, effects, animation, titles, voiceover, sound effects and foley

It will all come together, so stick to the plan but allow for creative licence.


Look for them, find them, understand them, put them into use, understanding the media before you begin your production will greatly assist you in your own production and get you higher marks. Idea is everything!!

Process> Idea> concept> scripts>storyboards

Dont be scared to make mistakes, learn from them, embrace them and use the experience to make it better. They can lead to better ideas.


  • They are not all that!
  • Reality tends to be more interesting
  • Plan shots ahead
  • Real life doesn't fit into a box, so make the box interesting

Easy forgettable items

  • Media (tapes, discs, memory card)
  • Battery (charged up?)
  • Tripod plate

Don't be afraid to do it again : big up the talent!

Keep them happy

  • Compliment a good preformance
  • Encourage a tepid one
  • Explain why you need another take
  • Give good direction


  • Where is it?
  • Get close, we want to see it!
  • Background- What's interesting? Why?

Don't burden the editor and get your white balance, focus, exposure and balance right on the day.


Get the microphones right, up close to the people.

For films: boom mic (mic on the end of a pole, dangled over the actors as close as possible but out of shot)

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