Thursday, 8 October 2009

Reflective summary of year 12

In year 12 I created a music magazine which included a front cover, 2 page spread article and contents page.

My magazine was aimed at young girls as it was a pop magazine which would appeal more to a female audience. I used a young, attractive female model which would appeal to the audience.

My works consisted of a portfolio that showed photographs I had taken, my questionnaire I created and many magazine covers, articles and contents pages that I had analysed. There was lots of planning to be involved with when creating my magazine. However, I wish I had put more effort into my planning as my overall project would have been better. I learnt many skills when producing my project such as:
  • Photography
  • Print work
  • Adobe Photoshop skills

I learnt many connotations and conventions within magazines such as:

  • Images chosen
  • Using an attractive female to appear to a female audience to buy the magazine, such as Naomi Wolf (1990) using erotic images of women to sell products to
  • Only using one picture of a model used because if there was more than one it would look unattractive and cramped, having just using text makes it look
  • The pose used
  • Three different fonts used or more
  • The price, date and bar code
  • Website provided
  • Hook to buy the magazine
  • The title used are bold and stand out

If I chose to do this project again, I would make sure I put more effort into it and spent monger on the project to try and perfect it.

This year I wish to build on my Photoshop skills and photography skills, whilst learning skills with filming and editing. I will use a digital camera to film my work which will be a horror teaser trailer and produce a magazine cover for the film and a poster to promote the film, I will use Adobe photoshop tp design this.

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