Monday, 12 October 2009

Mind mapping of ideas

The brief I have chosen to base my project around is the production of a teaser trailer, developing a magazine front cover for the film and creating a poster to promote the film.
The genre of my film I have chosen is 'Horror'. There were many ideas that I had come up with for my storyline:

  • Abandoned House

  • Young girls

  • Girls last night with all her friends before she has to move away, so they wish to find somewhere quiet and where they wouldn't be disturbed so they can spend time for the final night together as they are all best friends

  • However the abandoned house was haunted by a family who had been killed there

  • One by one the girls get picked off


  • Abandoned house

  • Parks (swings swinging without anyone there)

  • Woods

  • Dark, quiet places


  • Emma milne

  • Sophie Liddle (me)

  • Nicolle Kelly

Second Idea

Two girls are bestfriends. However, one mysteriously dies and her body was never found. The police believe her body is in the river, but her friend thinks there is much more to it than just that. The friend starts to get haunted by her best friends ghost and they eventually find out her friend that had been killed was burried alive. Her friends ghost is haunting her to try and show how she died so her body can be released.

  • Chase sequences

  • Candles go out

  • Best friends bracelet appears

  • lights and electricity goes out

  • Flashes of her sitting up in bed in the middle of the night

  • Blood on the sheets

  • friends dreaming about the place

  • flashes of photographs of them as best friends

  • In the library, books fall off shelves

  • Empty swings swinging

  • Whispering noises

  • Eery, creepy music

  • Help written everywhere

  • Mysterious scratches


  • Woods

  • Bedrooms

  • Bathrooms

  • Streets

  • Park- empty swings

  • Dark settings

Basic Ideas

  • Need release date

  • Website name

  • Quiet, then loud screams

  • Slow build up to a scare

  • Billing block and website

  • Use music, text clips and dialogue

  • Snappy caption, with the title, helps sell the film


  • Abandoned

I will work with Nicolle Kelly to create my teaser trailer and we will split the magazine cover and psoter up with one of us doing the poster and the other doing the magazine cover. I will use a digital camera to shoot the footage for my teaser trailer then edit the footage to actually create the trailer. We will work together to produce the teaser trailer. This year I will also post podcasts on my blog to show what I have done and what will be done. This will make my work realte more to the multimedia.

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