Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Final Front Cover

This is my front cover. I have used three different colours on the cover (Blue,Black and Yellow). As you can see I have used only one image of a model as this was a common convention in music magazines. The price and date are on the side of the magazine so it doesnt draw attention away from the rest of the magazine. I have also used different font styles as this was also another common convention in magazines. At the top of the cover I have used a hook 'Win the chance to record your own CD with EMIRecords' this will attract the reader and persuade them to buy it. The main story on my cover is the 'Latoya Milne' story, this is a story that many people may relate to possibly the target audience (teenagers) by doing this, will draw in the audience and make them buy the product. Many of the text on the cover is highlighted in yellow, this will stand out to people and help the magazine sell more. The subheading 'Can you handle it?' addresses the reader questioning them whether they should buy the magazine or not, once again this is a persuasive way to make the audience buy the magazine. I used an attractive model in the age range of the possible audience, ocne again by using an attractive model will draw in both men and women to buy the product. Stories on the page that I have picked to use are ones that are more common and recognisable to the reader, this will once again draw there attention in making them more willing to buy it if they are familiar with what they are going to read.

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