Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Final Contents Page

This is my final Contents Page.
Obviously I have used the title of my magazine on the contents page as well. Underneath that, I have addressed to the reader that it is the contents page, making it clear for the audience. The page is basically split in two, once side is to do with the main story that I have based my article on and the other side is to do with everything else my magazine may contain. At the top of one side of the page, you will be able to see that I have included Editors Comments and a photo of the editor, this is to appeal to the audience and inform them of what they will be able to expect in this issue and plenty more to come. Underneath the Editors Comments, are certain pages in my magazine and what is on the pages, explaining briefly to the reader what they can expect to read about on that page. As you will be able to see the page numbers do not go in chronological order, I have done this is it is a common convention in many magazines. One the other side of the page, I have talked about the main story that is included in my magazine and what my article is based on. I have used a big photo of the artist and underneath is a paragraph about the artist and below that is a series of photo's of the artist. You will be able to see under that is a blue arrow and inside that arrow is 2 other artists that is included in my magazine, this will attract the audience. I have used the same colour scheme throughout my magazine (Blue, Black and Yellow)

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