Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Final First Page of Article

This is the first page of my final article.
My article is basically about a young girl (Latoya Milne) who has became very successful in the music business. However, the story begins with her talking about her past life and how she was brought up, she never really had it easy. I chose to write a story like this as I thought it would appeal to the target audience which woule be young teenagers.
I have kept the same colour scheme through the magazine, once again it is Blue and Black. You will be able to notice that I have used White instead of Yellow in this article as it stood out more to the audience. The photo I have used is of the same model in the dront cover (Emma Milne) once again I have used this model as she is in the same age range as the possible target audience and is attractive which will appeal to an audience of both men and women. The text is in columns which is also another common convention in magazines.

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