Thursday, 20 November 2008

Another magazine a I analysed was another one of vibes.

Just like the other vibe magazine, there is only one picture of one model as it would look unattractive and overcrowded with the other pictures on the cover,and with the text it looks spaced out and professional. The model they have used is attractive, this is used to appear to the female audience to buy the magazine, she is sexy such as Naomi Wolf where erotic images are used of women to sell magazines. The price, date and bar code are at one side so it doesn't detract attention from the cover. The model used on this cover is doing a sexual pose, shes wearing tight clothing showing her curves and showing quite a bit of flesh. The writing curves around her breasts and her bum emphasising her figure,and the light gradient is shining on her front and back focusing on her figure. Five different fonts are used wich is a convention of magazines. Also, six different colours are used, they are all bright and stand out. There is a website provided to give more infromation about the magazine. The audience for this magazine would be also both men and women as the attractive model would stand out to both of them due to her posing sexy and by it using an erotic image which is more likely for people to buy the product.

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