Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Another example of a front cover i have analysed is also another Blender magazine.

In Blender, the main image on the cover is used to appeal to the female audience for example, Naomi Wolf (1990) where she used erotic images of women to sell female products. The sexual pose the models are doing reveals a lot of flesh because they are wearing revealing clothes and the models are very recogniseable.
Also, three different font styles are used so the magazine doesn't look the same and so it is not plain and boring. This is a common convention used throughtout magazines. In most magazines including this one, three different font colours are used for the same reason.
The date and price on the magazine is kept to one side of the cover so it does not detract attention from the rest of the cover. Both male and female are the audience for this magazine as the models stand out to a male audience as they are basically showing a lot of flesh where as a female audience is also intended to buy this magazine as using erotic images stands out to a female audience and is more likely to sell the product.

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